Monday, March 21, 2022

Favorite Bookmarks #3


I created this bookmark to go along with my first Bishop Hill mystery. The design was based on a postcard created by C. Hope Clark.

I met Clark through the Midwest Writing Center. It was the first year she taught a workshop at MWC’s David R. Collins Writers’ Conference, held annually in late June.

I bought her book and fell in love with the thought of using bookmarks to maybe, somehow, tempt readers to give us struggling authors reviews on Amazon and Goodreads sites. I think it worked better for her than me. But then, she has been quite prolific with writing award-winning mysteries, teaching, hosting award-winning blogs; ever being an inspiration to all of us.

I’m in the process of redesigning my bookmark to promote a new book and adding important new information for both books. The plan is to have it in time for the 

Bishop Hill Book Fair on April 2 at the Creative Commons at 309 Bishop Hill St. from 11-4 pm.

Update and Preview

Should have this double-sided bookmark ready for the bookfair.

Photo shows: on the left, my most current Bishop Hill mystery; and, on the right, my first mystery with an updated, and polite, appeal for reviews:

    "It's a fact of life for authors: 

We need reviews. 

Please consider posting a 

review to Amazon & 

Goodreads after reading."

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  1. Yes, I have bookmarks! Lots and lots of bookmarks to give away.