Monday, March 28, 2022

Favorite Bookmark #4


I remember Misty Urban making her own bookmarks, at least I thought of them as bookmarks. She’d print out a short story, flash fiction really, or a poem on nice paper then glued each one onto card stock. I managed to save few of those before she flew ahead to several versions of a regular type of printed bookmark.

Then she moved on to stylish versions of Victorian calling cards: many, many cards, as if one precious thing was never enough. I supposed the teacher in her could not stay still.

All this effort was for A Lesson in Manners, a collection of short stories that was my first purchase. It won her the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award.  

Of all the promotional pieces from Misty that I’ve saved, I like this bookmark the best because it begins with an “elevator pitch” that’s simple and comes perfectly to the point:

    "A how-to manual for dealing with

 love, lies, loss, and loneliness."

It's valuable lesson unto itself.

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