Thursday, March 3, 2022

Favorite Bookmarks #1


Years ago, I participated in a panel discussion in Muscatine, IA. It was sponsored by Writer’s on the Avenue. I shared the table with Rob Cline and a couple of his writing buddies. He made his book sound so appealing that I had to buy a copy. We were wrapping up the sale of Murder by the Slice when he offered me a special bookmark. He treated it as something special, like it came from his personal stash, and he was almost loath to part with it.

Why was it so special? Not only did it look like a slice of pepperoni pizza, it SMELLED like one. Seriously, the top pepperoni has a scratch-and-sniff coating that still works after all these years. But then, I have tried to treat it like the gem it is.

It became my all-time favorite bookmark even if it was lacking in a few basic details. Like any printed information about the book, the author, the publisher, the ISBN number, stuff like that. I can accept those deficiencies because I’ve never run across anything like it since. And how often are writers told to use all the senses in their work? Lots. This type of bookmark just might be the perfect reminder to add a little something for the olfactory receptors. Who knows, it might help keep readers engaged … and hungry for more. 

Worked for me.


Got a favorite bookmark? Please share.

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