Thursday, January 30, 2020

Life After Iron Pen, part 2

When presented with a blank slate, a gender-neutral script of dialog and a few stage directions, then primed to use their imaginations to create their characters, this first cast of Augie college students came up with impressive results.

Leader: An eccentric retired English professor who felt very qualified to lead

Newbie: Peter Peterson II. Age 22-23. Just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing/English. Dress: Normal. Personality: “Pretty boring.”

#1 Writer: Caroline Carson. Age 27. Considers herself a “modern” writer with many books available online. “None of them are selling well. Do look for my books on Amazon.”

#2 Writer: Kyle Gilligan. Age 33. Former English major. Dropped out. Still living in parent’s basement. “My parents signed me up for this writer’s group to get me out of the house.”

#3 Writer: [Cindy performed #3 and #8]

#4 Writer: Carmen Darling.  Age not given. She has traveled all over the world doing infomercials about her travels. “It’s a good life. I’m only here to help these other unfortunate people. Yeah, thank you.”

#5 Writer: Bethany Long. “Call me Beth.” Age 45. She writes fantasy romance novels. “Even after two divorces, love still drives my writing.”

#6 Writer: Maryanne McGee. Age 65. Housewife with no children. “I spend my days reading murder mystery novels and started writing my own novels five years ago. It’s something to do. Keeps me busy.”

#7 Writer: Louis/Lewis. Age 26. “I’m told I’m a little dark minded. But who isn’t?”

#8 Writer: Lucy McGillicuddy. Age 70. [Retired.] She’s been writing the same novel since she was 17. Has 1,000 pages and wants to add some monsters to it. The printer ran out of paper, so she’ll bring it to the group later. Her passion is directing community theatre.

My resurrection and transformation of a past Iron Pen entry into a play turned into a successful experience for me and the cast. It became an interesting exercise in character development that would be different with each group that performs it.

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