Friday, April 14, 2017

My Point of View on Preservation

My READ LOCAL presentation at the Bettendorf Public Library has come and gone, but it will stay with me as a big step forward.

By presenting a slide show of my first visit to Bishop Hill and describing the Colony buildings as they were then, 1986, I was really presenting my point of view and the beginning of my novel writing journey.

My POV was, and still is, colored by those buildings and by the people who tried to save them. Everyone I met on my walks around the village influenced me and left behind something of their personal selves. I likened my feature writing back then as slices of life, snapshots, and small portraits of my subjects in the Krans tradition.

In the course of finishing my first novel, I hope I did expand this early, literal, theme of preservation to a larger world view that included family, friends, and community.

Did I succeed? Will anyone catch the symbolism in the motives of the various villains? Or how the 103-year-old retired teacher may not have been so daft after all? Or catch the final metaphor?

As a writer, I am probably too close to the work to tell. It’s up to the readers to say if I succeeded to any degree. This is also another reason why reviews are so important—feedback!

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