Friday, January 23, 2015

Reading Out Loud

I’ve made my revisions, yet again. I’ve reached the end of my manuscript, yet again. So now what do I do? I start over. But this time, I’m reading everything out loud.

I’ve been told how important this step is, how essential, and I’m a believer.

So, I’ll close the door to my private space and get into the zone. This would be that special place where I can hear my characters talk to themselves, to each other, to me.

I need to hear the words flow. Find what mistakes I can. Make little changes. Add the little bits of business to make the prose better, make my people seem more alive. It’s the final polishing stage that I always disliked when I was making jewelry.

I won’t get my hands dirty or wear down my fingernails for this version of polishing. This is different. This tests me. Stretches me. It presents a challenge. Can I measure up to the novels I’ve read and admired?

I think it will be the stage that makes the most difference. The stage where I make this product my best effort.

I’m looking forward to the work. It’s so close to the real end. The point where I’m sending out the next round of query letters. The point where I can start focusing on other projects and planning the next book.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the most fun.

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