Friday, January 30, 2015

Plot Holes, etc.

It never fails to amaze. I can still come across plot holes, annoying lapses in continuity, the nonalignment of facts, and spots where I divulged too much information, too soon. After all this time, all the readings, and all the revisions, they are still there to be found.

I was tweaking a paragraph near the end when suddenly a word, a name actually, was obviously out of place. I had to think for a minute and acknowledge that the problem with continuity I’d discovered had its roots way back in the beginning of the story and probably snaked its way throughout all the scenes involving my oldest character and her interactions with my protagonist.

This was no small problem. It involved important points and aided in the resolution of one of my themes.

Why did it take so long to find this faux pas, this blunder? Beats me. My brain can be slow to make connections.

At least it happened now and not before someone else found it.

I went zipping back and forth through pages and pages of text, rooting out the string of changes I had to make. Not a huge problem thanks to the computer. Makes me so glad I have it. I shudder to think how I could manage without it. I am quite spoiled by technology: computers, sticky notes, Google. Great inventions for the organizationally challenged with porous memories such as myself.

I made things right, but it took time, in this case, a whole afternoon.

I guess I should be happy I am finding the mistakes. Better me now than a paying reader later.

In that case, it is a good thing.

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