Friday, August 1, 2014

Two More Reasons to Write

I finally got around to checking out The River Cities’ Reader’s 2014 short fiction contest: I’m with the Banned.

Out of the 20 listed prompts, I found a two I liked well enough to sit down and work with for a couple of days. The 250 word limit was a challenge, but that was the general idea.

I developed my story and wrote it in first person. I’d been meaning to try an experiment, so I rewrote it in third person. I’m going to test the results out at Saturday’s Writer's Studio at the Midwest Writing Center.

My next writing experiment came to me by way of Funds for Writers, a website devoted to helping writers to actually make money with their words.

I perused July 25th issue and found a freelance opportunity that suited me. I liked the idea of retelling a fairy tale and had been thinking of doing something kind of like that anyway. I don’t know about you, but I can spend a lot of time thinking about doing something without actually doing that something in any kind of timely manner, if at all. Well, this opportunity came with a deadline. And this deadline was four days away.

I asked myself, “Can you do this?”

The answer, “Sure.”

I spent one day in deep preliminary thinking and attending to miscellaneous matters, but the following three days were devoted to serious writing and frantic rewriting. I made the deadline with a story I found fun to write and which suited my needs. I’ll get their response after Aug. 15th.

So, my word count was 500 for the flash fiction and 3400 for the subversive fairy tale.

A total of 3900 pretty good words made for a pretty good week.

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