Thursday, August 6, 2020

Marketing Plan 2015


The following is the Marketing Plan I created when I was scheduled to pitch my first book to MWC Press at the David R. Collins Writers Conference at the end of June 2015. It was one of the requirements asked for by the review committee. I thought it was an excellent excuse to actually think of such things, you know, make a plan, as opposed to finishing the manuscript edits and waiting for its overall brilliance to be discovered. It would have been a long wait.


I sat at my keyboard and typed in whatever came to mind, like free associating with a goal: READERS. Some of this list was based on my prior experience with having a craft business in Bishop Hill and going to Arts Council meetings.  Some ideas came from attending conferences and workshops through the Midwest Writing Center. Some came from going to Writer’s Studio meetings along other critique groups. Listening to and reading about what other writers/authors have done always has value.


I will be going to go over this list and noting what worked, what didn’t, and what I skipped. All this will be prep work for coming up with a new list for promoting my next book; as you know, times have changed.


1.    Make personal Appearances

a.     MWC events

b.    Bishop Hill events

c.     Libraries where possible

d.    Bookstores (Barnes & Noble, local, etc.)

2.    Publish press Releases, etc.

a.     Galva News

b.    Dispatch & RI Argus

c.     Galesburg and other IL area papers

3.    Network with Joe Taylor of the QC Convention & Visitors Bureau

4.    Consign books in Bishop Hill Shops & advertise on BH web sites

5.    Blogger

a.     Create an author/book page

6.    Facebook

a.     Create an author page

b.    Use the list of towns mentioned in the novel

7.    Goodreads

a.     Create an author page

8.    Twitter

a.     Create an author page

9.    Focus on reaching Swedish readers w/eBooks

a.     Use Kindle Direct

b.    Dream of a Swedish book tour


a.     Design an OK T-shirt


a.     Meatball recipes

b.    Decorating T-shirts

12.Free Stuff

a.     Books for reviews & contest winners

b.    Printable bookmark w/map & other info

c.     A virtual signature page for eBook sales

d.    Christina’s meatballs

e.    Coupons for discounts for books & other stuff

13.Mailing Lists

a.     Look for a current Bishop Hill mailing list

14.Bishop Hill tie-ins

a.     Brochures, handouts, and merchandise

15.Buy Amazon Ad words

16.Enter contests

17.Check out what other authors have done

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