Saturday, February 22, 2020

Dick Stahl, The Forever Poet Laureate

Alma Gaul wrote a touching remembrance for former QC poet laureate DICK STAHL. I knew him through Writer's Studio. He'd come in with three poems and ask us to vote for two. He listened to our comments and was grateful for the feedback. I bought copy #91 of "Bluffing" and visited a few of the sites of his poems. I made it to Dick and Helen's 50th anniversary party held at the Figge. He was kind enough to read aloud the poem I'd written for that occasion. That was so like him. Thanks to Alma's article I now know why.

To Helen and Dick

Two parts of a whole
A pair of individuals
On a journey
Finding a path that follows
The winding Mississippi
Past rocks and sand bars
Minor obstructions
Who climb high to vistas
So near the sky
They can feel
The clouds pass nearby
To Dick and Helen
Two parts of a whole
Joined together 50 years ago
They catch a golden sunrise
Over a river Bluff
Made perfect
By their own design

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