Friday, October 21, 2016

Ten Steps to Review on Amazon

1. Log onto as you normally would. (Note: Amazon doesn’t allow anonymous reviews.)
2. Do a search for the book title. In my case it would be “Clouds Over Bishop Hill.”
You will get my one book. Click on the title or the cover image.
(For other authors there may be a list of books, or books with similar titles. In that case find and click on the book you want.)

3. That click gets you to the full description of the book, the prices, and all pertinent information.

4. Under the author’s name, notice the yellow stars and “customer reviews.”
Click on “customer reviews,” it will get you to a list of the latest reviews faster.

5. Scroll down through the reviews until you get to a rectangular button labeled: Write a customer review. Click this button. (If you’ve gotten this far without logging onto Amazon, you will have to create an Amazon account to go further. Amazon does not allow anonymous reviews.)

6. You will now have four buttons to choose from: Poor, Okay, Good, Great. Click one.

7. More buttons will ask: Is there violence?, Is there sexual content?, and How is the story narrated? Choose and click.

8. Below those questions you will find a bar of non-shaded stars.
Choose the number of stars you want to highlight.

9. FINALLY, you are down to the TEXT BOX for entering your reviewer comments. Type in whatever you want. (You should be able to copy and paste from a Word document as well.) Below the review box look for a box for a title. It will be much smaller. If you don't use it, Amazon will use the first sentence of your review.

10. The last button to click is … SUBMIT.  

I have to say I never thought the process was this complicated until someone asked me how it was done. I hope these steps are useful. I can add screen photos if needed. I imagine the Goodreads process is similar; I will tackle that at another time because I want this posted.

If for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to post to Amazon or Goodreads, go to my Facebook Author page and leave your review or message. I want to hear from my readers.

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  1. I forgot to mention there's a place for a title or short description. If you don't add one Amazon will use the first sentence. For ideas check out how other people do theirs.