Friday, April 8, 2016

How Many Emails Does it Take…?

I started out with the free version of FundsforWriters around three years ago. Two years ago I bumped myself up to TOTAL FundsforWriters, the paid professional version of Hope Clark’s “Tips and Tools for serious writers to advance their careers.”
Recently, when my annual subscription came due I re-upped by buying Edisto Jinx. The book purchase served two purposes: I paid for my next year of info on competitions, grants, and freelancing opportunities (I’m currently not looking for an agent or publisher); and I got the chance to check out how she handled the second book in her new series.

I read the book, wrote a review, and was happy.

On March 31: I noticed one of her extra emails announcing “Free training to sell more books.” I’m sure I read it. However, I was not enticed enough to go further.

On April 4: I received another email “Reminder to register for free training to sell more books.” I read this one, too. The big difference … this one included a FREEBIE.

I learned the value of giving away free stuff from former jobs in the jewelry industry. Customers really appreciated getting small gifts, usually a service or something inexpensive. They came back. They became loyal.

The freebie included in the second email was a copywriting sample by Bryan Cohen—a before and after comparison of how to punch up your back cover pitch to readers. For me, that was the all important hook. I reread that part three times. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the rest of the email as carefully, so by the time I finally clicked through to the webinar it had already started. I didn’t try to join in. My loss for being tardy. So it goes. Or so I thought.

On April 7: Another email arrived “Missed the seminar yesterday? Get your replay….”

I listened. I learned a lot. I connected to usable ideas.

For one thing, I have a new appreciation for email contacts and their use in marketing. In my own real world case it took the equivalent of FIVE emails to spur me into action. Pretty darn close to what Bryan Cohen said it would take.

Many thanks to Hope Clark for making this bonus feature available. I will certainly try to read her next email a little more carefully.


  1. Much thanks, Mary! And here I was worrying I'd sent out too many emails! LOL Glad you reaped the benefits of the contents! It was a great webinar.

  2. I agree, it was one of the most useful webinars I've sat in on. I got delayed in getting home, so I wasn't here for the beginning, but I listened to the remainder and waited not so patiently for the replay information. I sat through the entire thing this morning, and I have five pages of detailed notes. Bryan Cohen was focused and informative. I had hoped, Hope, you would be participating more, but Brian just steamrolled ahead and kept throwing out terrific information! Thanks so much!