Saturday, March 19, 2016


I've been sick since Tuesday and wouldn't go out if it weren't for the chance to meet Susan Carroll, my editor. She'll be part of a panel on publishing at the MWC.

I've been reminded that I will soon be published.

It still doesn't feel real ... or maybe it's the pain in my head.


  1. So sorry ... I didn't make it out to see Susan Carroll and the rest of the panel.

  2. My intrepid hubby went in my place and brought back notes and comments to supplement a sketchy recording. For a panel on publishing the authors did a lot of talking about their own marketing issues. Writing a book would seem to have been the easy part. Probably the most fun part. Sigh.... I do have to work on a press kit--a lot of work. As for video ... I'm not at all ready for my closeup.

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