Friday, June 12, 2015

Theme: Romance

I don’t know too much about writing romances. I’ve read maybe three or so. No way would that qualify me to write one. Good thing I didn’t. I’m still sticking to my novel being a mystery. But it is a mystery with just a hint of romantic potential.

My protagonist and her erstwhile alley have a long history of being at odds with one another. Opposites in a lot of ways. But opposites sometimes attract. I want to think of their alliance as filling in the incomplete spaces of their potential with interesting possibilities. Creating a larger synergistic whole. I want them to make a good team whether they see it or not.

But things can never go smoothly in a story. There has to be tension and conflict and—to make the case for romantic undercurrent—competition. Enter my Swede, Lars. I could have called him Sven, but I didn’t. Bishop Hill has had a long line of stray cats named Sven. I stand by Lars.

Lars has a lot of jobs to do. He provides a link to the past, a sounding board for ideas and theories, and provides clues to current and future problems. But just being Swedish gives him romantic currency. The accent, the blond good looks, the hint at political importance. Maybe a royal connection. This is the stuff of Bishop Hill dreams and I want to use it all.

As I said, I didn’t write a romance. This time at least. Who knows what will come later. I’m keeping my options open. 

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