Friday, May 29, 2015

Fitting in the Jansson Five

Curtis Hawkins leaves Denver to travel back to Bishop Hill for special occasions. While in the area he often performs with former band members at local venues. His Facebook page lists the gigs he has arranged. I managed to catch up with him at the River Music Experience's community stage in Davenport for his birthday visit last year.

Curt grew up next door in Bishop Hill and is close to the same age as my boys. It’s my personal opinion, but I do believe his present musical career outshines by far his earlier efforts at pro wrestling. I would have thought a career as a bass player safer too, but he had a story that nipped that idea. At least, he hasn’t broken any bones, yet.

My husband and I sat in the audience, listened to blues tunes for a couple of hours, bought his new CD, and thought we’d had a successful night. But before we left, Curt came over with another CD. He gave us a copy of Jansson 5: Whiskey on my Breath. While this was not a full album as yet, it was a welcome treat in another sense: characters.

Characters, as in more people to add to my novel. More local color. Is it a good idea? Maybe. Maybe not. But it sure is fun to think about. Novel writing is supposed to be fun after all.

The question is where to put this windfall. I’m too close to the end to add major players that will shake things up and change the course of the narrative action. But I can’t leave them out either. The name is too perfect.

I’ve decided the easiest thing to do is have this new group make a cameo appearance in a Galva bar while my protagonist is waiting for some other folks to show up.

The next book is a different matter all together and there’ll be more time and room to work in Curt, Josh, Kathy, Ian, and Carol.

It should be fun.

And fun is what it is all about.

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