Friday, February 27, 2015

Working Space

I read Stephen King’s On Writing years ago and took his advice on laying out a writing workspace to heart. I gave myself a small desk in front of a bare wall—to minimize distractions—and grew used to it.

However, the time came for a change. I gave up my tiny workstation and moved myself and my old laptop to a larger desk.

The goal was for me to have two computer screens at eye level and better posture while sitting.

With the help from my IT staff of one and Christmas gift cards, I ordered some handy gadgets to make this happen:

·        Portable folding table desk stand with adjustable angle legs

·        Wireless mini keyboard

·        Wireless mouse

My workspace now: bigger, I can spread out; better, I am sitting upright; and more modern, I think so. It certainly looks good, but every thing is still relatively clean. Will it improve my productivity along with my posture? That remains to be seen.

But seriously—I have to keep the blank wall. I am still prone to distraction.

Don’t think I can buy anything to fix that issue.

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